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Revolution 36 Clean Face Gas Fireplace

The Revolution clean face gas fireplace by Fireplace Xtrordinair is now available in a three-sided Pier model. The 36 CF Pier offers a true revolution in design and high performance in the clean-face gas fireplace category. With advantages not found anywhere else, it's as close to a traditional masonry style fireplace as you can get, but has the latest in modern fire technology. And this clean face fireplace really heats. Others are merely decorative. The Revolution 36 CF Pier delivers the powerful heat output you need in cold weather at the level you need. The Revolution 36 CF Pier come standard with realistic seven piece log set, the Alpha Remote™ Control System which allows for programmable wireless multi-function remote control of your fireplace and dual overhead Accent Lights that can be used even when the fire is off. Further customize your fireplace with your choice of brick or stainless steel interior liners (required) and one of three unique andiron designs.

Fireplace Xtrordinair 36 Clean Face Pier Gas Fireplace Specs


  • Max BTU: 50,000
  • Weight: 250 Lbs.
  • Venting: Top Vent
  • Burner System: Dual


Details on the 36CF See-Thru Gas Fireplace

The latest additions to the growing line of Fireplace Xtrordinair clean face fireplaces, the Revolution™ CF See-Through   and the Pier allow you architecturally significant, 2-sided and 3-sided fireplaces to enhance the character of your home. The   Revolution 36CF See-Through and Pier combine the classic fireplace look with no grills or louvers, and the slim outside   trim allows a huge view of the fire.  The 36CF See-Through and Pier also allow you to personalize the look of your fireplace   with beautiful decorative options including reversible brick firebacks and high quality andirons.  Both the See-Through and   Pier feature accent lights as a standard feature that allow you to enjoy your fireplace, even when the fire is off.

Alpha Remote Control - Operating Instructions

Model 36CF See-Through & Pier Gas Fireplace

These fireplaces are intended to both separate and unite   adjacent living areas with the beauty and warmth of fire.     The opportunities to use these products in a home are   many.   Separating a living room from a dining room is probably the most common application, but why not place a   See-Through fireplace between your master bedroom and   bath?   Or between an entry hall and a dining room.   The   Pier unit would be a delight if placed between a kitchen and   family room, where you want a bit of separation, but still accommodate access to the view of the fire from many points   in this busy area.

Green Choice in Clean Face Fireplace

With a Steady State Efficiency of over 70% and an electronic gas valve that allows you to run your  fireplace in either “Intermittent Pilot Mode” or “Standing Pilot Mode,” the Revolution fireplace makes the ideal choice for those looking for a Green Alternative to other heat and gas wasting Clean Face fireplaces.

Advanced Performance for Gas Fireplace

There’s nothing traditional about the Revolutions’ performance. You have the ultimate in variety and control with   variable flame regulation and heat output. The built-in flame   control center is completely hidden so your only focus is   on the fire. The dancing yellow flames interact with a remarkably realistic seven-piece wood log set on an iron log   grate.   The 58,000 Btus burner has a great turn-down ratio   to 27,000 Btus on low, providing a warm, glowing ember   bed just right for contemplative moments.   Both units are   bedroom & mobile home approved and vent on the side at   45 degrees to make an easy transition to either horizontal   or vertical flues.

Add Heat to Additional Rooms

One or two Power Heat Duct Kits may be installed to   capture heat from the sealed heat collection plenum and   transfer it to an additional room(s) in your home.  This   venting option uses a remote fan to pull heat off the fireplace and deliver it to an adjoining room.  You can direct   this heat upstairs, downstairs or anywhere in your home   within 20 feet of the fireplace.

Alpha Remote Control for gas fireplace

Our Alpha™ Remote Control handset gives you unlimited control of your fireplace. Includes backlit LCD screen and wall mounted holder. With the Alpha Controller you can:

  • Switch between Standing Pilot and Intermittent Pilot
  • Flame Height (six settings)
  • Burner ON/OFF, manual control
  • Thermostat temperature setting
  • Accent Light ON/OFF and light intensity (three settings)
  • Optional Power Heat Duct Fan ON/OFF
  • Fully programable weekend or weekday settings
  • Countdown shut off timer


Accent Light Features

Accent lights are a   standard feature in   both fireplaces, and   the 2 lights in the   ceiling of the fireplace shine down on   the logs for a great   presentation.   The   lights, also controlled  with the Alpha control, can be turned on or off and adjusted   to three levels of illumination to suit your mood.