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Heritage Wood Stove - Hearthstone Stoves

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Featuring optional top or rear flue exits, greater heat output with a larger fire box, beautiful detailing, and soapstone facing on the side loading door, the Heritage woodstove is just what you need. When fully loaded, the new Heritage will burn for up to 8 hours, providing up to 12 hours of sustained heat. The side door makes it even simpler to load this efficient stove. In addition, as with all HearthStone woodstoves, the Heritage warms your home with minimal fire tending required.

Color Finishes: Heritage-Wood-Stove

Color Finishes: Seafoam EnamalMatte BlackBrown EnamelBlue BlackBlack Enamal

Stone Finishes: Polished Gray SoapstonePolished Gray Soapstone

Features of the Heritage Woodstove


  • 2.3 cubicfoot firebox; extra wide door
    • Holds up to 46 lbs. of wood
  • Side-loading door
    • Allows logs up to 21" in length to be accomodated side-to-side for easy loading, or use the optional lock kit to reduce side clearance from 16" to 3.5"
  • Single air-intake lever/stove control
    • Stove operation is easy; performance more consistent.
  • Reversible flue collar
    • For top or rear exit
  • Unmatched fire viewing
    • Air entering the firebox through the stove’s secondary air tubes ignites the gases rising off the burning wood. The resulting light and flames provide dazzling fire viewing, even when the fire is burning at a low rate.
  • Non-catalytic combustion system
    • Clean burning, more complete combustion provides more heat from less wood, greater efficiency; reduced smoke and creosote build-up.
  • Outside air adapter (optional)
    • Improved efficiency in today’s newer "airtight" homes; reduces cold air drafts along the floor.
  • Rear heat shield (optional)
    • Allows more placement options; stove can be installed closer to a wall because clearance requirements are reduced. Creates a convection passageway between shield and back of the stove to allow optional fan to circulate air through the house.
  • Fan with built-in thermostat and rheostat (optional)
    • Helps spread heat evenly throughout home; fan operates only when stove is at significant heat level. The rheostat controls fan speed. Use of rear heat shield is required.