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Econoburn Wood Boiler

Safe, affordable heat and hot water for you and your family, Check out these features...

  • Safe and Environmentally Friendly
    • Utilizing advanced 2-stage gasification combustion technology, Econoburn Boilers burn cleanly with little creosote or ash. Plus, with very low emissions and electrical consumption, the carbon-neutral Econoburn Boiler eases the burden on the environment while burning wood – nature’s oldest renewable fuel.
  • Solid Reliable Construction
    • Econoburn Boilers are constructed from ¼” ASME grade SA-36 carbon steel for both the inner and outer water jackets. The seams are double welded for strength and durability. Econoburn Boilers have exceptional thermal transfer as well as corrosion resistance. Our advanced DFD control regulates a robust forced draft fan to maintain boiler temperature and controls up to 3 circulating pumps.
  • Residential or Commercial
    • An Econoburn Boiler is a money saver in your home or business. With models ranging from 100,000 to 500,000 BTU output, our boilers can easily fulfill heating and domestic hot water requirements for your home, shop, or industrial application.
  • Flexibility
    • The Econoburn Boiler easily connects to your existing heating system which gives you the flexibility to burn wood (and save money)in your Econoburn or flip back to your original heat source when you are away for extended periods. Whether you have baseboard, low temperature radiant, or forced air, an Econoburn will comfortably heat your home or business. Although designed for cordwood, an Econoburn Boiler works extremely well with manufactured biomass fuels such as bio-bricks or envi-blocks, allowing for even greater fuel flexibility.

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